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Sarah has a Bachelor’s degree in Journalism and Communication with a focus on visual communication from the University of Oregon. There, she held several leader and management positions in photography, many of which have earned her awards for her work from some of the nation’s most esteemed press associations. Her work has been published in USA Today, CNN, Billboard, Revolver, Alternative Press, EDM Identity, Dancing Astronaut, local publications and more.

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Art Meets Sound. It’s the mantra of multi-award-winning Oregon-based photographer Sarah Northrop, better known by her social media monicker, SARTAKESPICS. Sarah’s profession is the ultimate hybrid of her two greatest passions - music and photography. So, it’s no surprise that with a background rooted growing up in the LA music industry, combined with years of schooling surrounding the visual arts, and a naturally gifted creative eye, Sarah has become one of Oregon’s leading creatives in the music media scene.


It is within Sarah’s specialty of music where her talent truly explodes. A hobby that once started at local D.I.Y. shows in dim basements now flourishes as a full-blown career under the lights of major arenas and the stages at world-class music festivals.


Earning her the title of “Best Photographer” by Eugene Weekly, Sarah’s music-oriented work brilliantly meshes together every aspect of the concert-goer’s experience. From aiming her camera at stage visuals and festival details, to cinematically capturing the vibrant energy flowing between the performer and the crowd — she does it all and never misses a beat. 

Equipped with more than a decade of hands-on experience and a camera in hand, Sarah has explored the vast breadth of subjects that photography has to offer through holding numerous photo-centric job titles. Whether it’s sports, portraits, nature, product, or more, it’s her knack for visual aesthetics that allows her to capture any subject with a similar beauty, drama, and energy to the feeling of live music. No matter what her camera is pointed at, she always finds a way to fully immerse the viewer in a world where Art Meets Sound.


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